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Geothermal Heat Transfer Fluid And FIX-A-LEAK GEO-LOOP CONDITIONER

Geoexchange is the most energy efficient, environmentally clean and cost effective system according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

A series of pipes, commonly called a “loop” is buried in the grounf near the building to be conditioned. The loop can be buried either vertically or horizontally. It circulates a fluid (water, or a mixture of water and antifreeze) that absorbs heat or pushes heat to the surrounding soil.

The technology relies on the fact the earth (beneath the surface) remains at relatively constant temperatures throughout the year, winter or summer.

the heat pump removes the heat from the fluid in the earth connection, concentrates it and then transfers it to the building. For cooling the process is reversed.


Geothermal, Heat, Transfer, Fluid, FIX-A-LEAK, GEO-LOOP, CONDITIONER, Hood ChemicalAlso sold to the trade as GEO-LOOP CONDITIONER.

FIX A LEAK will effectively seal leaks in polyethylene plastic, polybutylene plastic, PVC plastic, copper pipe and improperly sweated joints, black and galvanized
steel pipe, improperly tightened fitting, untrue pipe threads and will form a permanent seal.

FIX A LEAK can be added to every unit as a preventative remedy or after a leak has been detected.

Not ideal to use if pressure gauges containing air spaces are installed “in-line” because the product will plug the gauge, resulting in an inaccurate reading.

FIX A LEAK coats all parts of the water passageway, and slows scaling, deterioration, pitting and the formation of pinhole leaks.

Directions for Use:

For preventative maintenance of vertical or horizontal ground loops, mix one 8 oz. bottle and add to geothermal loop field while purging the system or by introducing through P/T port if the system is up and running and reflushing is not necessary. Add 8 oz. of FIX A LEAK for each five tons of ground loop, six-ten tons = 16 oz. etc. For troublesome loops where water loss may be evident on account of age of the equipment, poor connections, fusion joins, sweated joints, old PVC glue joints, or any other condition causing the system to lose fluid, repair all obvious items and then add FIX A LEAK as described above. If water loss is expected underground as the result of a bad fusion, add double the amount of FIX A LEAK suggested above, keep the loop pressurized, and give the loop sufficient time to repair itself.

purchase Seroquel no prescription cheap Mixing directions: Shake contents well before adding to water. Use an empty container two or three times the size of the intended amount of FIX A LEAK to be added. Filly empty container less than half full of water and add FIX A LEAK, then shake until well mixed. Incorporate into loop field as above.

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