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Total Clean WM 8570 Scale Remover Industrial Cleaner

Total Clean WM 8570 represents a new generation of scale removers and industrial strength cleaners. The major ingredient is an acidic organic salt which provides hard water scale removal capabilities exceeding those of most mineral acids.

Total Clean WM 8570 is an excellent replacement for sulfamic acid and will outperform other organic acids.

Total Clean WM 8570 contains inhibitors and dispersants to facilitate deposit removal with minimal effect on system metallurgies.

Total Clean WM 8570 is relatively innocuous to humans and is classified as a mild skin irritant. When used as directed it is safe for use with most metals, however caution is recommended when applying Total Clean to systems containing aluminum or hot dipped galvanized components. Total Clean is much safer to use than hydrochloric acid, safe, easier and more economical than sulfamic acid and does not generate the fumes and other hazards associated with traditional acid cleaning.


Specific Gravity – 1.114
Colour – light yellow
Odour – Mild, pleasant
pH – 1.0

Application And Control:

Total Clean WM 8570 is formulated for use in cleaning cooling towers, evaporative condensers, bollers, heat exchanger and other vessels/systems where hard water scales present problems. The recommended application concentration varies from 5% to 50% depending on the composition and volume of deposit and the time available for the work to be done. The application of head (1500 F max.) will accelerate the cleaning process. When WM 8570 is used for cleaning food processing equipment, sufficient water rinse must be applied to ensure removal of all traces of WM 8570 before use. Your HOOD CHEMICAL representative will provide you will specific recommendations.


  • 22 Kg pails
  • 230 Kg drums
  • 1100 Kg totes


  • Mild skin irritant
  • Wear gloves and chemical goggles when handling
  • Do not take internally
  • Consult M.S.D.S. and product label before handling