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Grease Trap Maintenance

WW 8764 is a liquid concentrate of selected multi-cultured bacterial strains, combined with free associated enzymes. WW 8764 contains a synergistic blend of adapted Bacillius organisms specific for Grease Trap Maintenance. WW 8764 contains – fat, grease and oil digesting bacteria – protrin digesting bacteria – starch and carbohydrate digesting bacteria, cellulose and tissue digesting bacteria and sulfide digesting bacteria. The complex enzymes function as catalysts to facilitate more rapid degradation of most organic wastes. WW 8764 is non-corrosive, easy to handle, has good stability and storage life, is environmentally safe and is formulated for direct use. WW 8764 does not contain nonylphenol or alkylphenol ethoxylates.


  • Specific Gravity – 1.01
  • Colour – pale Green
  • Odour – Pleasant Neutrol
  • pH – 7.5 – 8.5
  • Bacterial Count – 382.5 Billion C.F.U.’s/US Gallon (100,000,000 cfu’s minimum per ml)

Application And Control

Temperature range is 45º to 130ºF. Although these bacteria are specifically cultered to survive in their intended environment, extremes in pH, temperature and high concentrations of bleach or other anti-bacterial agents will inactivate or destroy them. WW 8764 should be added during shut down periods, at least once per day, every day. The recommended feed rate is 10 oz (300 ml) per 50 gallons of trap capacity. For badly fouled traps prepumping or higher feed levels may be required to gain control. Properly applied WW 8764 will eliminate all objectionalble odours and signifigantly reduce the need and frequency for trap pumping.

For specific application recommendations consult your Supplier of Service Representative.


  • 20 kg Poly Pails
  • 205 kg Non Returnable Poly Drums


  • Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing
  • Avoid breathing vapours or mists
  • Do not use in potable water systems
  • Consult M.S.D.S. and product label for additional information before use.
  • Do not freeze.